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Sign your documents online to save time and money

Soul-crushing queues at the post-office and hundreds to thousands of crowns wasted annually. Very few would enjoy that! Start signing online with Podpisovna and ease your wallet, tight schedule and environment. It takes just 3 minutes to sign the document online.

Identity verification via Bank iD, MojeID a NIA (Identita občana)
In compliance with the Czech law
Sign wherever and whenever
Quick and reliable

Stop wasting time

  • No need to spend tens of minutes at the post office.
  • No need to take long trips to sign just one document.
  • Sign all the necessary documents from the comfort of your home.
  • It takes just 3 minutes to sign a document online.

Start saving money

  • Save on not sending your documents via post.
  • Save on not having to print your documents.
  • Save on the trips you would have taken while signing in person.
  • Ease not only your wallet but also the environment.

Be 100% certain

  • Podpisovna verifies the identities of the signers using Bank iD, MojeID or NIA (Identita občana).
  • It allows you to be 100% certain about who you sign your documents with.
  • The process of online signing is safe and secure.
  • Podpisovna does not store your or other signers' data.
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