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Podpisovna reduces your business expenses by thousands of crowns annually

It was never easier to cut your business expenses and make commerce more efficient. Use Podpisovna to sign your company documents and save not only on printing and postal services but also on personnel.

Identity verification using Bank iD, MojeID a NIA (Identita občana)
Speed up your business processes by 36%
Fill and sign forms online
Fulfil the AML obligation

Reduce your business expenses

  • Signing documents online relieves your employees of the job that can be digitalised.
  • Not having to print the documents will save your company thousands of crowns annually.
  • You won't have to waste any more money on sending the documents via post.
  • Save on the trips you would have taken while signing in person.

Sign documents and confirmations

  • You can sign any contract using Podpisovna.
  • Similarly, you can sign a purchase or service order.
  • Moreover, you can sign accounting records.
  • You can also sign work and internal documents remotely.

Improve your business efficiency

  • Your employees won't need to spend time visiting the post office or local authorities.
  • You won't waste time scanning the contracts and other documents.
  • There will be no need to travel to your clients or suppliers to get their signature.
  • You will have more time to meaningfully work towards your business success.
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